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Triton Series

IP64 World-Class Laser Systems,
2W to 36W+

The X-Laser Triton T-2 and T-5 are among the first production-grade laser fixtures engineered for IP64 durability and built in the United States. The T-2 (2W, 2,000mW) and T-5 (5W, 5,000mW) offer moderate power at a strong value, making them ideal for creating arrays of multiple systems inline with traditional moving lights.

Specifically, the Triton T-2 and T-5 boast a compact form factor (approx. 13” x 7” x 5”, ~12lbs) and a unique mounting solution that allows rapid deployment and IP64 durability when rigged both vertically and horizontally.

Triton 10 and Triton 36: World-Class Power for World-Class Performances

02.15.24 Triton 36 Color 2

The Triton 10 and Triton 36 are not specifically built to IP64 standards, but do offer moderate weather resistance. 

The X-Laser Triton 10 and Triton 36 bring big power and proven reliability to any professional production or touring rig. Designed to dazzle, this fixture boasts massive watts of well-balanced, full-RGB color to help fill the air with punchy, laser-sharp beams.

And with its proven reliability on the recent Coldplay world tour, the Triton 10 and Triton 36 have a reputation amongst both designers and stagehands for being a laser that gets it done without worry night after night.

Skywriter Series

The Tried-and-True Workhorse for Production,
2W to 30W

04.29.22 HPX MF-5 housing

Our tour-tested Skywriter series offers high-power, high-quality laser hardware that’s ready to take on all kinds of venues, genres and creative demands. With power ranging from 2 to 30 watts and unparalleled color balance, Skywriters add an entirely new dimension to your show.