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Mercury Laser Control
Laser control for lighting people.

No external software, no subscriptions, and
forever-free firmware updates.
Just you, your lighting console and your creativity.

Mercury is X-Laser’s laser projector control system, built completely from the ground up for direct lighting console control. Featuring DMX+RDM, Art-Net and Streaming ACN protocol, Mercury-equipped laser fixtures can be used from a lighting console just like any typical top-brand moving light.

With Mercury, laser fixtures can be discovered, profiled, configured, and programmed directly from the lighting console. The design tools that are already built into professional lighting consoles cooperate with Mercury to allow designers to create looks and effects in minutes, which would take hours to program using conventional laser light show software.
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Mercury gives you:

  • Fully integrated firmware – no external dongle, DAC or computer required
  • 400+ gobos and dozens (50+) of color/motion effect presets
  • Up to 8 fully independent pattern builders per fixture
  • DMX, RDM, Art-Net and sACN compatibility
  • The unfair advantage you need for every live event, whether you're the LD, tech, business owner, or anything in between

Mercury in action

Get Answers To Mercury Questions: See The FAQ

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What LDs & Production Pros Are Saying

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Try Mercury In PreVis With Our XLERATE Tool

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